The Sheet Harbour Royal Canadian Legion  – Courcelette Branch 58 –  was established in 1939. In the early days the founding members would hold meetings in their homes or other halls in the area.

On April 10, 1964  Mrs. Eldora Verge donated land so the Legion could have a permanent home. Her son-in-law, Mr. Victor Smith who had raised chickens  donated a building known as the “chicken coop”.

In the late 60’s  Mr. Robert MacDonald a local carpenter renovated the “chicken coop” by raising the roof of the building.

For many years this building hosted not only Legion events but also many other local functions which included wedding receptions and dances.

Later in 1972  Victor’s son Blois and Mr Josey donated more land which became part of the parking lot.

Unfortunately, the “chicken coop” burned down in the summer of 1974.

The present Legion facility was built shortly thereafter.

The “Courcelette” name designation associated with the Sheet Harbour Legion refers to the capture of the ruined town of Courcelette, France on 15 September 1916. The battle is considered one of the greatest Canadian achievements and significant victory during the Battle of the Somme. It was also the first time tanks were used in battle.

 *  The picture in the background depicts Canadian soldiers on a motor lorry returning victorious from the Battle of Courcelette. Some are displaying war trophies, such as German steel helmets and pickelhaubs (spiked leather helmet). September, 1916. 

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