Who We Are and What We Do:

We are members of the Royal Canadian Legion, we support and advocate for Veterans.

We are a democratic, non-profit organization that promotes Remembrance and we are dedicated to provide essential services within our community. 

Our mission is to serve Veterans including serving military and RCMP members and their families. We honour all those who have served and sacrificed for our great Nation. 

Please consider joining us in becoming a member today!


Executive Members:

  • President  –  Jack Plouffe
  • First Vice  –  Vacant
  • Second Vice  –  Jamie Briggs
  • Third Vice  –  Gary Smith
  • Immediate Past Pres. – Vance Thompson
  • Secretary  –  Linda Matwick
  • Treasurer  –  Sandy MacKenzie
  • Sergeant-at-Arms  –  Paul Jones

Executives at Large:                                                    Behind the Scenes:

  Poppy Chair – Susan Boutilier                                                   Service Officer – Sandy MacKenzie 

  Entertainment Committee – Trish Ruggles                             Membership  –  Linda Matwick

  Kitchen Coordinator – Jean Josey                                            Chaplain  –  Austin Oickle

  Honours and Awards  – Jeannette Oickle                                Bar Manager – Jack Plouffe

  Legion Historian – Wendy MacKenzie                                      Bingo Captain  –  Jamie Briggs                      

  Social Media – Karan Coughran                                                Property Maintenance – Jamie Briggs

                                                                                                           Website Admin  –  Jack Plouffe                         

  *  The picture in the background depicts the Peacekeeping monument in Ottawa. 

Royal Canadian Legion Courcelette Branch 58

Community and Organizations

We Believe in and Proudly Support:

  • Sheet Harbour Lions Club
  • Duncan MacMillan High School Student Bursary Fund
  • Gerald Hardy Memorial Society
  • Branch Service Officer Representation and Advocacy
  • Sheet Harbour Ground Search and Rescue
  • Poppy Trust Fund Benevolent Assistance
  • Sheet Harbour Heritage Society
  • Harbourview Lodge Continuing Care Center
  • Sheet Harbour New Horizons for Seniors
  • St Peter’s Catholic Church
  • Rose Barkhouse Burn Unit
  • 2610 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
  • Community Benevolent Fund Assistance
  • Lily’s Hill Recreation Association
  • Sheet Harbour Area Chamber of Commerce and Civic Affairs
  • LEA Place Women’s Resource Centre
  • Sheet Harbour Hygee Youth Adventure Club
  • Walter Callow Wheelchair Buses Service
  • Sheet Harbour Snowmobile and ATV Club
  • Designated HRM Comfort Station
  • Sheet Harbour and Area Community Contractors and Business Operators
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